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A bricks and mortar location for Gippsland Pride at Trafalgar House

This year's Wear it Purple Day was made even more special as Gippslad Pride launched Gippsland's first PRIDE HUB at West Gippsland Healthcare Group's 'Trafalgar House'. We were joined by the GPI Committee and our community partner organisations that made so much possible with the appointment of our 12 month Project Worker.

Our heartfelt thanks to Uniting Vic.Tas, Aussie Broadband and Phillip Britt, with the support of Thorne Harbour Health. Gippsland Pride has been warmly welcomed by Trafalgar Youth Resource Centre and West Gippsland Hospital Supporters.

A special thanks to Minister Harriet Shing MP for opening the event, as Patron of Gippsland Pride Initiative Inc. and Minister for Equality.


Rainbow Brick Road Report

Rainbow Brick Road Report 2023

The Gippsland Rainbow Brick Road Report launched Wednesday 17 May 2023 in Morwell and is now available to download.

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Gippsland Pride Initiative Inc. exists to provide visibility, engagement, awareness and celebration to LGBTQIA+ Gippslanders. We have three goals: Educate, Engage and Celebrate. To achieve this, we:

  • Tackle the barriers to inclusion through awareness/education
  • Engage with the community in a positive context to encourage visibility and participation
  • Create spaces of welcome, celebration and socialisation


The Gippsland Pride Initiative Inc Committee wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to our major partners that make all we do possible (including our Annual Gala)

Uniting Vic.Tas
Thorn Harbour Health
Aussie Broadband


I’m probably not the only one, but something special started with a wonderful person at the Pride Cup/Gala so I have the organisers to thank for creating such a great event

It (the Pride Cup) was an amazing setup and it was so nice to be part of something that celebrated the whole community

Involvement of members of parliament (government) made it seem like LGBTIQ voices are getting heard

Best part was the feeling of love in the room (at the Gala)! I'd retain everything, but you may need a hell of a lot more seats next year.....we loved it.

It's (the Gala event) openness. It wasn't a hidden or a secret event. It was open to all who wanted to share whether they identify differently from traditional norms or not. I felt like everything else was a bonus but that atmosphere was great.

The forum was very valuable, great speakers, looking forward to part 2 where more specific advice could be provided to non-sporting people, for business and individuals and opportunity to network and access resources. Will be back.

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