President (Chairperson)

Co-founder of the Blue Stockings Association with best friend Sarah at 19, Caitlin is no stranger to community activation. A Monash University Alumni (HR & Employment Law) and Inaugural Ancora Imparo Leadership Scholarship recipient, Caitlin progressed early in her HR career spurred on by her work in grassroots volunteerism in the Gippsland community some 15 years ago. Concurrently serving as President of the Gippsland Ranges Roller Derby Club and Tournament Director of the Victorian Roller Derby Competition 'Statewide Stampede', she met and fell in love with her now wife Meleah prior to the Marriage Equality plebiscite.

For the past 15+ years, Caitlin has professionally and personally pursued justice, equality and dignity for communities through various empowerment and advocacy initiatives. In 2018, she secured a place in the Gippsland Community Leadership Program, and later participated in GPHN LGBTQI+ suicide prevention consultation in Gippsland. With these experiences and with the backing of her beloved GRRD roller derby family, she would go on to produce the extraordinarily successful Gippsland Pride Initiative Forum, Roller Derby Pride Cup, and Inaugural Pride Gala in June 2019. In September 2019, she secured a position in the Department of Premier and Cabinet's Leadership Victoria LGBTQI+ Program and retired from the Presidency of her beloved Roller Derby Club. With the support and blessing of GRRD she then led the formation and continuation of these efforts beyond 2019, as Chair for the Gippsland Pride Initiative Inc.

Through COVID and across 2020 and 2021, Caitlin has continued on as President of the Gippsland Pride Initiative, and has successfully advocated for DPC LGBTQIA+ Organisational Development funding for the organisation, the launch of the Rainbow Brick Road health consultation project 2021 - 2022 (to enable greater health advocacy and experiences for LGBTQIA+ Gippslanders) and more recently, funded supports to realise the Gippsland Pride Festival in partnership with Midsumma.

Caitlin serves on the Board of the West Gippsland Healthcare Group and a small business owner - as Director and Founder of '2022 New Business Gippsland Business Award' winning Full Circle HR & Business Services.

Caitlin continues as President and Chair of the Gippsland Pride Initiative Inc into 2025.



Vice President

Kylie is the Vice President for Gippsland Pride Initiative and spends time with her wonderful husband and friends in her free time, when she has free time of course. She also enjoys pop culture and movies along with travelling.

Both her human family and fur babies bring Kylie joy as well as friends, mentoring, volunteering, and of course watching shows like Schitt’s Creek, Buffy or drag queens. Kylie cares about her community, human rights, animal rights, social justice and inclusivity drives her to be part of our committee.

From working with LGBTQIA+ young people in her previous roles, Kylie wanted to continue supporting the community and educate others about respect and acceptance of inclusivity. Kylie brings her community experience, volunteering experience, and background in welfare to the organisation and is most proud of her work and study achievements, as well as the success stories held with young people and families.

Kylie has previously taught Community Services at TAFE Gippsland and is currently teaching Mental Health and AOD. Kylie has volunteered at Lifeline with Crisis support and participates in the TAFE Gippsland Equality, diversity & inclusion working group and is a current mental health first aider. Kylie is also a Licensed Mental Health First Aid Instructor and a life long learner always thinking of the next learning opportunity.

Kylie strives for a world where everybody can be who they are with no questions asked.




Clinton is a fan of sports including football and spends lots of time with his family. Helping others, music, dancing and his children bring him lots of joy while he is also passionate about our rainbow community and equality.  

Giving back and contributing to our community is what drives Clinton to be part of this committee, as he advocates for, educates and connects with the community to better the lives of the LGBTQIA+ community within Gippsland -  something he does with passion, understanding and strategy. Achievements he has made within the community include the 2020 Victoria LGBTQIA+ Leadership program, forming and growing Aussie Pride, and being a finalist in AWEI Pride in diversity ‘Out Role Model’ of the year in 2021.

Clinton is most proud of coming out as a mature gay man, completing the LGBTQIA+ leadership program in 2020, and the beginning and growth of Aussie Pride at Aussie Broadband where Clinton is a Service Delivery Team Leader. 

Clinton has also been honoured to participate in the Gippsland Community Leadership Program (GCLP) as part of the 2022 Alumni. 

Clinton is a founding member of the Gippsland Pride Initiative Inc.




Baw Baw Representative/Life Member

Kerrie Taylor - on of GPI's first 'Life Members', is a Nurse who works in Aged Care and lives with her teenage son in Trafalgar. She is also our Baw Baw Shire Representative and an all-round amazing volunteer for the Gippsland Pride Initiative from its inception to today. 

She is a proud lesbian woman who grew up Thorpdale and found her voice working in the local pub and pursued her qualifications in nursing as a mature aged student. She believes society is changing, but sadly not quick enough. And she says, while our young people may have better self-expression nowadays, this doesn't yet translate to improved mental health, suicide, or employment outcomes, or consistent acceptance in the general community in a consistent or permanent way.

She is passionate about helping people, LGBTQIA+ accessible health services and multi-generational LGBTQIA+ experiences. Kerrie sees isolation and lack of connection (particularly in regional areas) as the biggest motivators for an annual event like the Gippsland Pride Gala, and our work to bring LGBTQI+ people from across and to Gippsland, so that the lived experience for future generations and for all in the rainbow community, is continually improved.

Kerrie is a founding member of the Gippsland Pride Initiative.

Greg Tingate


Bass Coast Representative

Greg moved from Melbourne to Bass Coast after spending some years traversing the highway to Phillip Island and now works for the sub-regional health service, Bass Coast Health. He lives at San Remo, on Bunurong country, with his partner of 17 years and they have two amazing adult children who breeze in and out of their lives.

A change of role within the service and a chance invitation to attend their Diversity Committee led to an initial introduction to Helen Page, a recognition that like-minded souls do exist and that there was a lot of work to be done locally. Out of that meeting, the arrival of the Equality Roadshow, an introduction to Sally Conning and other LGBTQI+ Bass Coast locals, the South Coast Inclusion Network (SCIN) was born.

This space provided a haven for the local LGBTQI+ community to share and learn from each other and provide local services with some of the groups’ extraordinary stories and experiences. Greg would like to acknowledge the groundbreaking work that SCIN and its members achieved in the years prior to COVID and their continued ongoing quiet resilience and dedication to inclusive practice in the region.

Greg continues to work on inclusion and diversity within the shire and Health Service. He is currently part of the BCH Rainbow Working Group who are focussing on reinvigorating this after some COVID-diverting years.

The opportunity to be a part of Gippsland Pride Initiative was something that he leapt at and is providing a wonderful rounding out of fitting in, healing and finding a voice. Greg sees GPI as providing a continuing haven for the local LGBTQI+ community, where they can share experiences, learn from each other’s extraordinary stories, break down barriers between shires and unite them in one voice for inclusive practice on all fronts on a Gippsland-wide scale.

Jason Clough


Latrobe Valley Representative

I've been living in Gippsland for the last 3 years, and have a background in hospitality and business administration. I'm also a volunteer within the Emergency Services in various operational and support roles, which I've been doing locally for the last 2 years. This is very much a passion of mine as it's a great way of helping people and supporting the community I live in.

My second passion is event coordination & catering, these skills I have developed over the years by being involved in several aspects of hospitality.

My third passion is Diversity & Inclusion. This is something fairly new to me, however I have been leading a project that centres around Emergency Services. We would like to work more collaboratively in this area, plus also focus on community engagement and having a combined presence at community events.

I'm looking forward to supporting the great work GPI does, especially utilising the skills I have and can bring to the table.


KY ROUX (They/Them)

Wellington Representative

Ky grew up in WA and moved to Gippsland with their long-term Significant Other in 2017. They live on Gunaikurnai land and have three adult children whom they love spending time with when everyone's commitments allow it.

They have a background in working with children and adolescents and supporting families. More recently they have moved into the Mental Health and AOD support space. They have always had a passion for learning but only got the hang of formal studying later in life and are currently completing a Master of Social Work.

Ky started their gender exploration at an early age but didn’t have the words to explain what they were experiencing. The opportunity to hear and read other people’s experiences of gender exploration gave them those words, and they are profoundly grateful to the people who have shared their stories.

Ky loves to ride their motorbike (GS1100G, ’84 model for the enthusiasts) and is passionate about authenticity, honesty and kindness. Their dream (and working goal) is a world where inclusion and acceptance are foremost in people's minds.



South Gippsland Representative

I am a proud Gippslandian and an even more proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community! I love the outdoors, hiking and I am a mad roller derby fan and occasional player of said sport. My greatest joy is participating in the Roller Derby Pride cup held by my Gippsland Ranges Roller Derby team each year.

Formerly an emergency paramedic with a Bachelor's degree in Emergency Medicine and Masters degree in Social work I now spend time spreading social awareness of our Rainbow community in the community by participating in local events.

My passions are gardening and sewing and I understand the importance of self care and looking after our Mental Health and these passions allow me to be creative and take time to myself. I am an advocate for better mental health awareness especially with our Rainbow community and there is so much more we can do.

Family is very important to me including my fur children. I live with my beautiful wife in a small community in Gippsland where we had our "Big Gay" wedding in the Main Street.

I have travelled extensively around the world and I feel I have grown and learned so much by immersing myself in other communities and cultures and cannot wait to see where future travels will take me.

Looking to the future, I am planning on growing my leadership role by participating in further education and I look forward to many new adventures with Gippsland Pride Initiative.



East Gippsland Representative

James is a queer trans man and East Gippsland local, living in beautiful Gunai Kurnai country.

Growing up with a farming background, James learned to value the land and hard work, but quickly saw the barriers and stigma when it came to seeking support and healthcare. James now uses his own lived experience of mental illness, LGBTQIA+ identities, neurodiversity and disability to advocate the importance of intersectionality, health and wellbeing literacy and reaching out for support, especially when living rurally or regionally.

James has been involved in the community services sector for 9 years (and counting), volunteering since age 16. He has had the privilege of being at the forefront of creating positive change and has seen incredible growth in the community and feels a strong sense of pride and gratitude.

James is now working as the facilitator of the East Gippsland H.E.Y (Healthy Equal Youth) Project, with Gippsland Lakes Complete Health. The H.E.Y Project is a statewide initiative that focuses on uplifting and providing opportunities for LGBTQIA+ 12-25 year olds, and allies.

James is stoked that his work role led him to connect with Gippsland Pride, and so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the committee!

Outside of work and study James is an artist and DIY enthusiast with at least one project on the go at all times. James also reserves bragging rights for being able to make about four recipes really well, a veggie lasagna, lemon macaroons, sausage rolls and brownies.

He also loves to spend time having a cuppa tea and bickies with his loved ones, getting a bargain from the op shops, and getting cosy in front of the telly with his partner and their dog Alexia, an ex-racing Greyhound, who now lives the life of luxury napping on all the furniture, getting treats,  and plopping herself down in front of doorways- fulfilling her duty as a kitchen supervisor and a tripping hazard.