Gippsland Pride recognises SCIN (South Coast Inclusion Network)


With permission, the Committee of Gippsland Pride Initiative would like to publicly acknowledge and extend our heartfelt appreciation to the folks of SCIN (South Coast Inclusion Network Inc.). Following the impacts of COVID and with SCIN members moving on to other things, the remaining members of SCIN Inc. have made the difficult decision to conclude and wind up the Incorporation.


South Coast Inclusion Network started in 2017. Founded by Helen Page and Sally Conning they were soon joined by Greg Tingate, Reverend Ian Turnnidge, Vicky Bradley and Rebecca Scott. SCIN’s efforts quickly gathered momentum and garnered support from Gippsland PHN, Wellways, Bass Coast Health, South Gippsland Shire and Bass Coast Shire who endorsed a permanent council representative, initially Cr Geoff Ellis, to liaise with SCIN as their Public Officer.


SCIN is responsible for considerable progress not just in the South and Bass regions of Gippsland, but for contributing to state wide progress amidst the marriage equality plebiscite. Most notable, SCIN’s active and passionate engagement in the LGBTI Equality Roadshow and communities of practice with the then Equality Commissioner, Ro Allen, was formative in LGBTQIA+ visibility and advocacy for our regions at a most difficult time for our wider community.


SCIN soon led the establishment of web and social media pages linking local LGBITQA+ families, friends and allies with appropriate resources in Gippsland, as well as producing a series of amazing video resources - still used widely today for LGBTQIA+ inclusion training.


Working with Michael Green of DRIFT Media with the a community grant from the Gippsland PHN, SCIN produced a series of videos covering a range of topics featuring the lived experiences of members of SCIN and LGBTIQA+ people living in Bass Coast and South Gippsland. The six SCIN films were (and remain) valuable resources for delivering interactive workshops on LGBTIQ+ inclusion and formed part of an extensive educational website (now archived). The Magic Five is one of the most well received films that has an important message for people living in rural and regional communities - Magic Five (expand link)


We'd like to take this moment to recognise that Gippsland Pride directly benefits from the barrier breakers who tread the path before us and the hard fought progress made by extraordinary volunteers, including those at South Coast Inclusion Network Inc.


True to the kindness and generosity of this group, the remaining members of SCIN have made the decision to donate their remaining funds post wind-up to Gippsland Pride Initiative Inc, specifically, to support local events/activities in the Bass Coast and South Gippsland Shires, which the GPI Committee has enthusiastically accepted and committed to.


Namely, we wish to honour and thank:

  • Helen Page
  • Sally Conning
  • Greg Tingate
  • Reverend Ian Turnnidge
  • Vicky Bradley
  • Rebecca Scott
  • Geoff Ellis


SCIN would also like to thank all the partners, friends, allies who supported and contributed to their work over these years including:

  • Michael Green (DRIFT Media)
  • Daniel Witthaus (Rural Pride Australia - formerly NICHE)
  • Michelle Debenham (Wellways)
  • Jackie Goodman
  • Leah Bellairs
  • Alisha Gilliland
  • Letitia Lang (Bass Coast Shire)
  • Sophie Bolding
  • Bill Young
  • Gabrielle Forsythe
  • Bass Coast Health
  • Bass Coast Shire
  • South Gippsland Shire


In honouring the incredible work of SCIN, we commit to incorporating their videos and any other contemporary resources into the updated GPI resource bank and webpage.


We hope you will join us in honouring and celebrating SCIN, it’s founders and members.


With sincere gratitude, GPI Committee

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